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MEEMA makes everyday goods with upcycled denim and cotton. They offer sustainable kitchen towels, aprons, napkins, placemats, and tablecloths! We've partnered with this company to offer you another eco-friendly option



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Waist Apron

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Your guests will be whirling through the kitchen in this functionally designed 100% cotton waist apron. With 1 small pocket, 3 large pockets, and a utility loop, this product eliminates the need to hurry around looking for items.

10 Reviews


SO friggin cute

feel like the goddess of the kitchen when I put this on. Martha Stewart has nothing on me. My food tastes better when cooked in this apron.

Bailee Anderson

Great quality, love it!

I purchased this apron in May 2020 so I've been using it for about 2 months now. I am in the yard all the time and I wanted something with generous pockets to hold the various tools I use. I really like this apron. It is very sturdy, seems to be a thick linen almost like canvas. It's holding up really well and I will definitely get another one if I need one for something else.


Cute little apron!

love this apron for its thick jean like fabric. Wish it had more of it on the left and write so that it wouldn’t just be for the front but front and sides if that makes sense. The cell phone pocket is too high, so I end up not using it since I cannot lean over if my phone is in it. I don’t even have a big phone! But it’s cute and overall I like it. I wish there was a slightly larger size as well though.

Amazon Customer

Love it!

I purchased this as a gift and it’s lovely! I love the fabric and the style. It’s even better in person than it appears on line. I will definitely be ordering more items from this company - I love their style!

Amber J. Griffith

Great customer service as well as product

Bought several of these for my restaurant. The servers love them! Also we had an issue with 1 apron being worn before. Even though it was past the return policy date they took care of it for me! Sent a new apron right away. Amazing customer service! The napkins are great too. Highly recommend.


Very nice

The cloth used seemed very durable. I imagine it will soften up with a few washes. Sizing was fine and build quality was acceptable. Overall a very nice apron.


Very nice

A very nice apron made from canvas like material. The only thing I don’t like is that you have to iron it after washing and drying it.


Love it! Would definitely recommend!

I absolutely love this apron. It feels almost like a thick canvas and is very durable. I love all the extra pockets too. I use it as my cash apron during art shows. It has that perfect little farmhouse look.


Well made.

Stripes add a fun aspect to practical item. I use the pockets for my cell phone and glasses. Unlike plastic, it breathes and bends when you do. I also plan to use it on my bike.


Cute, Functional but falling apart.

I started a new serving job and was really excited to find an apron that wasn’t black with just two pockets. I haven’t even had it a month yet a the ties are already starting to rip.

Nicole Orth