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Hand in Hand prides themselves on only using ingredients that are simple, clean, and responsibly sourced. As one of the first brands to use infinitely recyclable aluminum in their packaging, Hand in Hand is always



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Eco-Friendly Body Lotion - 4 Pack

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Made with shea butter, this high-quality, luxurious lotion will leave guests fully moisturized. This lotion is hydrating too! With a coconut oil...

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Smells Sweet and Tropical

The citrus lotion smells delicious and rubs in easily. My only concern is the ingredient „ glyceryl stearate citrate“ Sometimes it comes from soy or cocoanut, but it may also comes from the palm


Soft skin and lovely scent

I've been using Hand in Hand product for years now and I'm so happy to see them on Amazon. Their body scrubs and lotions are the perfect balance of delightful scent and light, smooth lotion that leaves skin soft and never greasy. I can't recommend their product enough!


Smooth Lotion, Invigorating Scent, No Greasy Feel

Left my skin feeling fresh and soft without a heavy, greasy residue. I have sensitive skin so ingredients matter a lot when it comes to my skin care routine. Hand in Hand keeps their ingredients simple and easy to understand, which gives me confidence in using their product. Plus you can't beat the refreshing citrus scent!



The body lotion is chalky, leaves white streaks and granules. It doesn’t blend into the skin.


Very moisturizing

Smell is a little annoying but it’s not too strong.

D. In CA


I normally use lotions because I can never find one that works well with my skin. To date, this is my GO-TO lotion! It feels absolutely dreamy on my skin, absorbs quickly, and doesn't leave a weird, sticky residue. Citrus scents tend to disappear quickly on my skin, but I can smell the Citrus Grove fragrance all day, the best part is that it's not overpowering. I like to apply it right after I take a shower, because a little really goes a long way.