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MEEMA makes everyday goods with upcycled denim and cotton. They offer sustainable kitchen towels, aprons, napkins, placemats, and tablecloths! We've partnered with this company to offer you another eco-friendly option



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Crossback Bib Apron

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Make sure your guests are both comfortable and protected from kitchen messes by providing them with this highly functional apron. With 1 medium chest pocket, 1 large pocket, and a utility loop to hang items from, this apron is an asset in the kitchen. Made to be comfortable over extended periods of time, the cross-back straps even the weight distribution and won’t slip off the shoulders.

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High quality apron

I am very happy with this apron. I wanted a crossback for coverage and comfort, and while it may be a bit comical to initially put on, once it's on, it is the best! It covers much more clothing than the typical apron, it is extremely thick, and since it's a crossback, it doesn't pull on your neck. Although I realize not everyone would prefer the crossback style, I love it and would highly recommend.

Heather S.


I bought this as a gift and it looks great! Really durable feel. I bought it for a man and it’s very thick and manly. Looks fantastic


Baking Jewish grandma

I am handicap and my old aprons no longer fit me comfortably but this new one, fits so comfortable despite being well made of relatively thick material. I just love that I can bake again in real clothes w/ my apron to protect my garments.

Adinah Mizrachi

Kitchen Chic

This apron is great! I really love how sturdy it is. Because it adjusts so well, it fits both me (5 7") and my partner (6 3"). I love it and am hoping to enjoy it for years to come :)

Cher Horowitz

helpful apron

I bought for my daughter-in-law. She loved the loops on the side. She used one loop for a towel, the other loop for her measuring spoons because they were handy (not misplaced while cooking). I'm buying one for myself. She also like that they were thick, no soak throughs.

Music fan

Nice Heavy Material

Very well made, love the long ties that allow me to wrap around and tie up front.



Nice color and style. Just a bit stiff and thick but overall heavy duty and cute

Kimberly lee

This apron is fantastic!

It's like heavy woven jean material... it's really tough and solid... it will last forever...

K. P.

Sturdy Apron

Very durable and flattering. It’s a bit stiff but after a few washings it should wear right in. I love it.

Suzie Q

Extremely well made!

Very pleased upon opening. Tried it on and the fit is just what I wanted. Extremely well made and I love that it’s made from recycled fabric! It is made from denim and is a bit stiff but that’s not a problem for me. I particularly like that it covers “the girls”. Highly recommend!

Brenda L Sanford