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ViscoSoft's unique name is representative of how the innovative company created their mattress toppers. Based in Charlotte, NC, this group of textile designers and product engineers have created products to help



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Cooling Memory Foam Pillow

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This luxurious, supremely comfortable pillow is thoughtfully designed to give your guests the best night’s sleep possible. Made from cooling memory...

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Perfect new pillow every day

I had an old pillow for far too long and changing medications gave me night sweats. The surface of this pillow is so cool, it is soft but resilient. I feel like my head is actually supported when I sleep on my side. I am able to sleep on my belly and don't feel like I'm crushing my chest against the bed. So happy I got this one! Debated between loRead more about review stating Perfect new pillow every dayw and medium loft as I'm a side/stomach sleeper mostly. Feels good to me - the medium might have felt too high.

Kathryn G

No overheating!

The pillow really does stay cool all night long. I use it with the mattress topper and it really helps to align my body while I rest. One of the best decisions I’ve made this year!

Dana J

Cooling pillow

It does what it says. It just was to big for me.

Jeanette C.

Super comfortable

This pillow is super comfortable and keeps my head and face cool. I was tired of constantly rotating my pillow at night because it would get so warm...not any more!!

Brigitte W.