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ViscoSoft's unique name is representative of how the innovative company created their mattress toppers. Based in Charlotte, NC, this group of textile designers and product engineers have created products to help



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High Density Cooling Mattress Topper

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This is the mattress topper that everyone’s raving about. Bring new life to your guest mattress with a luxurious layer of high density, gel-infused...

10 Reviews


It was just what we

It was just what we needed for our mew mattress

Robert H.

It’s the second one I’ve

It’s the second one I’ve owned it helps relieve the pain in my shoulders and hips

Dan L.

Love it

Love it

carol w.

The 3" topper did a

The 3" topper did a great job improving sleep on the twin beds we have.

Anne B.

Great topper (and I've had a few)

Love this topper! It has a nice cover and straps that fit under the mattress. It doesn't FEEL soft but it really is and supportive so no more hip pain YAY. If you are looking for a "hugger" topper this one isn't it BUT it's truly worth the money. Lots of good sleeping and comfort.

Lynn G.

Love it

Very comfortable. An excellent way to upgrade your mattress without the expensive price tag.

Shannon P.

Too soft

I would have liked the topper to be more firm. It is hard to move around once you have "settled in". Overall it is a good topper.

Enid H.

I was pleased with the

I was pleased with the delivery time of about a week. The topper is very comfortable. It softens the very firm bed I have it on. It is very well made. I noticed just a little initial odor but that is now gone. I have been sleeping well and waking up with less hip and back pain.

Paul M.

Best sleep in years!!

I have osteoarthritis in my back, since we have gotten this, 2 weeks ago,I have slept so much better! I’m now able to get out of bed feeling rested, with little to no discomfort in my back! I would recommend this topper 100% we have the 4” and so far LOVE it!!

Jane R.

Great Pick

I needed something to make my firm mattress softer. This is great. Perfect for my needs

Ellen W.