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Golden Made Kafé

Golden Made Kafé is a small business based in Southeast Texas that makes blends inspired by French recipes. With producers and importers in South and Central America, each bag of beans promises a quality roast at a fair


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Golden Made Kafé Breakfast Blend Coffee - 12oz - 6 Pack

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This premium quality Breakast Blend brings the sunshine to any morning, with a mild and aromatic flavor your guests will be impressed with. Made from ethically and sustainably sourced coffee beans, your guests can feel good about their morning cup of coffee. Guests will walk out the door with a kick start to their mood. It’s the little touches like this that make for 5 star guest reviews.

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Bold Flavor!

This coffee has a distinct, bold flavor. I would rate it as similar to Folgers, but with a better aftertaste. The aroma is heavenly and can be smelled throughout the house. Sometimes the flavor can be too much, but it is easy to blend with a creamer to make a perfect cup.


Tastes so good!

This coffee is so smooth and it is so delicious. It is a great way to wake up in the mornings. It is so rich and i think i have now found my favorite brand of coffee. I would definitely buy this coffee again!


Great taste!!

Perfect grind for a regular coffee machine or even to pack your own pods for Keurig machines! The taste was great, I added some half & half with a little caramel, amazing bold flavor but not too over powering.


Best Coffee Yet!

I am using the Breakfast Blend ground coffee. It is just right for my morning brew. In my opinion it is better than the popular brand we usually get at the local drive-in store and it is less expensive per cup. Win-win. I am ordering more right away. I highly recommend!


Great taste!

I've always had to "doctor" my coffee with sugar and creamer, but I was out of creamer one day and decided to try Seattle's Best Breakfast Blend without anything. It has a great taste and black is the only way I'll drink coffee now.

Moe Ditty

Awesome Coffee

Coffee was taste was excellent. Awesome Joe for my morning commute to work. Nice pick me up, perfect breakfast blend.


Great taste

Love drinking it during the morning. Not strong best brand i have every tired. Great flavor. I like it with cream and sugar. I just love drinking it.


Great Flavor

My husband and I tried this coffee and really liked the flavor it had. We went with the recommendation on the back first and found it a little weak for our taste. I like strong coffee we upped the measurement to make it to the strength I liked. Very smooth.


Delicious flavor

I recieved the coffee as a sample. The coffee was delicious and had great flavor. The breakfast tasted great with donuts and my eggs with bacon. I can't wait to buy more to enjoy. I will also be buying some other flavors to try.


Tasty Start to My Morning!

It has a crisp taste and is smooth in the morning! Need one on my way to work or at home on lazy weekend mornings!


My go to anytime coffee!!!

I have tried many k-,cups. These k-cups are roasted perfectly. I drink them all day. When company joins us, they too really like it.


Only coffee for me

I tried a lot of coffee pods when I first got my Keurig and these are the only ones I've truly enjoyed, the flavour is amazing. I drink my coffee black too so it's important to have a coffee with a good flavour that doesn't require cream or sugar to taste good and this is it.


The only K-Cups we ever buy

We love the taste and price. My father-in- law drinks a lot of coffee so it makes it more affordable and easy enough to keep enough coffee on hand since you get such a large quantity.


I would buy this product again and again !

This is my to go coffee good price for the amount of pods u get and has a nice mild taste ,is not a strong coffee , very mellow , and relaxing .. I have about 4 cups of this day I cant seem to get enough has an amazing taste !

lisa savage

Usaul coffee at home

Its a great value . The quantity is the best for the price . The taste is great . I can say its not that strong . If you prefer something stronger of coffee this isn't for you . As I find this light coffee .


Great value but very light

The value is excellent! I don’t think i would be repurchasing as we prefer a bolder tasting coffee. I believe kirkland has come out with a bold blend now


Cheaper and Better Than Name Brand Cups

These are always cheaper at Costco than the big name brand coffee cups but are way better tasting. You may get them for a smaller price but they're big on taste. My go-to coffee choice.


Second best

This coffee here is really good. I have a go too coffee but when its not available this is the second best. Although its best with a creamer or suger and not plain.


So delicious

I am impressed with the quality and taste. Very light but flavourful.



The only kind of coffee we buy. I use them at work and at home. We stock up every time we go to Costco. Love the taste and the light flavor. Would be thrilled if they came out with some other options too just for variety.